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Live Without Anger

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

Why only ‘cope’ when you can THRIVE?

Do you choose to manage anger & stress … or to LIVE Free and Happy?

QWIP the HOW TO of Inner Power.

Have you ever wished there was a ‘Life Reset’ button? To reset back to your “default perfect self”!


When someone says that life is hard or unfair what they’re really saying is “there seem to be limitations and I don’t like them.” “It always seems like others have it easy … why not me?” “Can I live powerfully too?”


What if you had a Personal Search Engine? Could directly access your Energy Inner-Net? An ‘easy button’ that always tells you HOW TO live creatively and powerfully? Limiting beliefs to release . . . Inner Powers to re-activate.

life's easy buttonThink about this: Energy makes everything work. When you have an ENERGY EDUCATION, and can access and direct your Life Energy, then you are in the flow and all Life is EASY.


We each have a Personal Search Engine for our Energy Inner-Net. This PSE is Energy Measuring, or Kinesiology. A direct way to ASK/SEARCH your healthy Energy System, remove drama/trauma energy glitches, and LIVE creatively with power and joy.

Ok, so this is the tool to get answers. How do I master using this tool?

What if you had a Personal Search Engine? Could directly access your Energy Inner-Net? An ‘easy button’ that always tells you HOW TO live creatively and powerfully? Limiting beliefs to release . . . Inner Powers to re-activate.Through our Book, “Core Health: The Quantum Way To Inner Power”.

This is a RESULTS-Based, Proven HOW-TO for each UNIQUE Individual, the ‘re-set’ to your perfect default setting. Dr. Ed Carlson, a researcher of Human Energy and Kinesiology for 30 years, and Dr. Livia Kohn, Asian scholar and Daoism specialist by profession, now detail HOW TO re-set your energy to your ‘Perfect Moment’ self.

Examples, research, illustrations and action perfectly blend to enhance your journey to your renewed, natural core of pure health.

IGG-QWIP Funding Project Huge Success

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Wonderful!  Wonderful! . . . Each of YOU!
Turn on the Bubble Machine!    
                                                                   Lawrence Welk and Dr. Ed
Opening the Champagne!
150% in Excess of Our Goal
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IndieGoGo Quantum Way to Inner Power results
MOUNTAINS of APPRECIATION, WONDER, AMAZEMENT and DELIGHT for each of you Participating in our HUGELY SUCCESSFUL “QWIP” campaign on Thank YOU.
Special Thanks for patience during so many emails IGG had us send.
Special Accolades to Johan Miller, our webmaster, for organizing and creating this complex process. Great Appreciation to Jewel McKeon for the initial email regarding the existence of this process.
Core Health has HATCHED and is flowing forth into our World.
YOU are the energy that propels us!
QWIP is at with its dedicated website. Check us out.
And, the site continues to be viewable.
BEST of ALL Appreciation, Love, and Blessings,
                           Dr. Ed

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

experience lightness of being
Humanity is awakening to higher potential.

We are connecting at deeper levels.

QWIP is an advanced tool to aide these processes.


Monday, October 15th, 2012



Science, Research, Experiments, Evidence, Opinions, Tests, Books …

ultimately the only thing that really counts is

R E S U L T S !


Core Health opens people to dramatic expansions of their personal core of health, no matter what the starting point of the individual. For already healthy people, health and well-being are expanded, opening people to experience great shifts toward a better life and more perfect expression of their True Self. Hundreds of people have experienced these shifts. Here are selected examples of RESULTS.

For more and fuller accounts, see: .


Be a Friend to Core Health .

Expand Your Inner Power by Energy Education.


Higher Perfection – Here are some Real World Results:


Singing: I received so many great benefits from participating in the Heart Forgiveness and Core Health series. One of my greatest rewards is my singing. I am a professional singer for 15 years. Through these experiences I was amazed to discover I was subconsciously giving my power/energy away to a voice teacher from my past . . .

and, I was singing from my head and not my heart!

This was quite disturbing since I am extremely passionate about my singing. I want it to help people be free and get in touch with their higher self. Dr. Ed took me through a simple process that put me back in charge and enabled me to sing truly from my heart.

Then Dr. Ed asked me to sing a few lines of a song . . .

the shift in my voice was profound!

So moving that it brought fullness-tears to the eyes of all present.

My fellow music partners (voice coach, music director, etc.) clearly notice the positive difference. Responses from my audiences also reflect this shift. Now I am able to offer heartfelt and heart-aware joy through the vehicle of my song. —Jill


Marriage: My husband and I were having a discussion when all of a sudden feelings started to escalate, the way they can when two people have a difference of opinion. We were really getting into a hot and heavy confrontation when all of a sudden, out the blue, my husband looked at me and said quite boldly with authority: “See your heart having lips.”

We stopped, looked at each other for a moment, and both broke out in uncontrollable laughter. Needless to say that was the end of the argument! We reconciled our differences in a calm and healthy manner. —Participant of Mary Ellen Rivera


Boxing: Grand Master David Harris and I worked with a right-handed boxer from Africa. His first professional fight was two days away, but a knuckle on his left hand was broken. David corrected the knuckle. The boxer punched the bag until he was completely comfortable.

Understanding the subconscious mind’s job to protect us, I energy-measured: “I am 100 percent willing to hit with my left hand.” No, the boxer was not willing—not even 50 or 20 percent. We corrected that energy back to 100 percent.

Next we checked for, “I am willing to hit full power with my left hand.” The answer was no to any percentage, and yes to zero.

We corrected that energy back to 100 percent.

Following the fight, his manager reported, “He knocked out his opponent in the first round—with his left hand!” —Dr. Ed


Death Wish: I was a struggling chiropractor, bankrupt once, struggling with two offices, a poor professional partner, and a failed relationship where I felt used by an older divorcee.

Core Health saved my physical life, certainly my mental, emotional and spiritual life. In an “emergency” session we cleared Death Wish / Will to Live. My Death Wish was high. Right in the first visit, we reactivated my Will to Live to 100 percent, and other related issues to the same healthy level—all in under an hour.

As I was leaving, I spontaneously blurted out, “Oh, by the way, when I was 16, Bobby Barker told me I was a ‘shit magnet.’ I am not a shit magnet.” I put my arm out for energy testing, and sure enough,

I had bought that I was a shit magnet! No wonder so much crap happens to me! We cleared that completely in the same single visit.

Since then my life turned around amazingly in my professional career, my finances, my living situation, my physical life and comfort, and most of all in my minute-to-minute attitude and joy of life.

My patients are loving the real me! —Tom


Driving: One of many side benefits for me is my ability to drive to Nashville on the Interstate Highway without the paralyzing fear I felt in the past. I can go with the flow without any stress. It is wonderful! There are many benefits to your work. — Mary


Running: How could I possibly leap in a single week from 2 miles to 4.3 miles and then 6.5 miles the next week—with ease? I was 65, running only twice a week, four months each year—a true minimalist. Yet, running has become easier and easier. I was not particularly winded, nor did I perspire heavily! I went from 20 minutes of running to 65 minutes, continuously, without stopping! Not a single walking step, nor even tying a shoe lace.

This radical leap in health blew away any physiologic paradigm limits that may have been lingering! —Dr. Ed (


Money: “Are YOU FUNNY with MONEY?” is the most profoundly effective process I’ve experienced to increase my prosperity. I stated hundreds of affirmations, . . . read numerous books, tacked up vision boards, practiced more methods than I can count. . . I prayed, worried, demanded, and pleaded, but nothing changed until now!

I was astonished by the ease of addressing my baggage and fears around money. This course unfolded many areas of life, including relationships, fear of failure, fear of success, my identity, sense of self, etc. I highly recommend this experience to all seeking increase in wealth, enjoyment of life and more! —Joy Elise Wright


Concert Piano: Music is a gift—a source of healing, inspiration, joy, and comfort. Core Health helped me open myself to love, to appreciate and to celebrate myself. It provided me with tools to eliminate negative, destructive patterns, beliefs, and habits and to replace them with positive, life-enhancing ones.

I played my piano at our meeting and was assisted to re-experience that “I am a Gift; my Music is a Gift; my piano-playing is a Gift; I play with and from my Heart”—this was a revelation of Truth.

Performance anxiety, “nerves,” inhibition, and self-consciousness gave way to openness, joy, confidence, and self-healing. As a concert pianist, from my student days throughout my performing career, these concepts were definitely not part of my process. On the contrary, my work was all about competition, success and failure, being in or out, ego-building and ego-bashing. I always had very high stress levels.

During my journey with Core Health, life- and soul-affirming messages came to me like a soothing balm, a reminder of the truth about myself, about who I am, how special my gifts truly are, how much I have to offer, and how much I can share and give through them. With thanks, Dr. Ed, from my Heart! — Judy (,


A Dog’s Grief: Lucky is a Labrador Retriever whose owner died tragically in a car accident. She had loved Lucky since a puppy, and they lived many years together. Walking out the door, she told Lucky, “I will be home in a couple of days.” Lucky continued to sit by the front door for months. The family aware he was waiting for his owner. This made them very sad. Lucky’s health began to deteriorate: his eye drooped and teared, he lay around like a human who was sad and depressed.

I was facilitating Heart Forgiveness (Big Angers) with the daughter-in-law and the granddaughter of Lucky’s deceased owner. The granddaughter asked if Lucky could do the sessions with us. I said yes. I knew immediately what Lucky’s biggest anger was. Sure enough, when surrogately energy measuring Lucky, he was angry at his owner for “abandoning” him. Lucky went and lay down by the front door while we played the Clearing Track on the CD.

When we were finished, he came back into the room: he looked completely different. Even the daughter-in-law said he looked lighter. The granddaughter had fallen asleep during the CD. The next day, she said to her mother, “I wonder if Lucky knows we cleared his Big Anger because he is like a different dog. Look at his eye. It is not drooping and almost not tearing anymore too.”

Within two days Lucky became younger and more animated,

licking people’s faces and playing. The granddaughter asked if Lucky could do the next session with them. Of course! —Mary Ellen (


Team Work: Core Health applications aligned our marketing, results, and focus to truly incorporate our mission of integrative medicine. This quickly changed our practice from making-ends-meet to a profitable corporation. Being successful is a challenge with a staff of thirty-five, and eight practitioners. This congealed our whole group, and is duplicable, replicable, and effective.

Phenomenal shifts integrated staff and practitioners in consistent mission statement focus. We can test whether they are with us, against us, aligned, and have the same focus on patients. Staff can say something, but when they prove it, and you can measure when it’s proven, then you know you are on the right path.

My Bonus: My golf had deteriorated for years. With CH, I went from a lousy 94 to 74 the next week! I won a local tournament, using Core Health techniques. —Dr. Jeanne Bangtson, Millennium Medical


Poker Playing: Something really great happened to me! I took a while to realize the magnitude. I acknowledge that Core Health is completely responsible. I’ve been playing poker online for some time. To cut a long story short: I raised the level of my poker playing and the level of my competition. My competitive spirit has grown exponentially. It was like a switch flipped. I feel like I am unstoppable playing poker.

I am unstoppable in life—in every area. — Dr. P.W.


Plumbing Business: Applications of Core Health are a boon to me personally and professionally. Based on proven, repeatable, scientific principles, they played an instrumental role in catapulting my company into new higher levels of profitability in two states. Core Health stripped away all extraneous nonsense, allowing me to function more efficiently and better enjoy my successes. — Brent Phillips, Owner, Florida Cracker Plumbing


Living in Harmony: My greatest joy is to see people’s faces soften and their eyes light up; and, in phone sessions, to hear the enthusiasm in their voices amplify after releasing long held burdens to reveal their pure core of well-being. I discovered for myself through Core Health that there is no greater gift than accomplishing living in harmony and joy from within your own heart. No person or situation can ever take this away from us. — Linda Chrystal (


Law Enforcement: As a deputy sheriff of 25 years, I utilize the powerful tools of Core Health and Heart Forgiveness with myself, my family, elder neighbor, colleagues, during criminal contacts and arrests. The positive results are beyond my imagination! —Rick Eldridge


Be a Friend to Core Health .

Expand Your Inner Power by Energy Education.

Get the QWIP Book!


We are at 56% Success Level with 9 days to go. Thank YOU!

Please help us reach our goal and put us over the top!



Dr. Ed

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Remembering a Wrong

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Remembering a wrong is toxic to your health
Remembering a wrong is a learned belief that causes much suffering on a long enduring basis. This type of behavior is learned in our early youth, ages 1 – 5. The origins are varied but the results are pretty similar. This is the ‘eye for an eye’ and ‘I’ll get you back’ mentality.

Anger, fear, insecurity, just to name a few, are emotions touched with this learned belief.

There is a paradoxical, double bind, relationship created by this kind of behavior; on one side ‘turn the other cheek’ and on the other side ‘don’t become a ‘door mat’

The lessons of early childhood often include, saying one thing and doing another.

etc, etc


The advanced tools of Core Health – The Quantum Way to Inner Power clear inconsistencies, remove learned conflicts, transform paradox into single-mindedness.

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Finding Freedom From Limitation

Friday, October 12th, 2012

today be free of your past forgive yourself and begin again
“Today be Free of your past, forgive yourself, and begin again.”

This makes a beautiful poster, it is a possibility that really sounds good. However, few will ever stand in its light.

Can the tip for the iceberg steer the iceberg? In other words, your aware mind (that with which you experience the world) is equivalent to the tip of the consciousness iceberg. The enormity of the consciousness iceberg is your subconscious. Bruce Lipton, PhD, author of ‘The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles,’ and ‘The Wisdom of Your Cells: How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology,’ tells us the subconscious is 1 million times more powerful than our aware conscious mind. And . . . the subconscious runs 95% of our daily lives.

Let me ask you a simple question; How many times in your life have you said something or done something, spontaneously, then you ask, “where did that come from?” It seemed to come right out of the blue, from some place foreign to your aware thinking. Well, that’s the stuff of the main body of the consciousness iceberg, your subconscious. Nobody knows all of the programmed limitations that lurk there.

Millions of individuals have turned to various forms of counseling to overcome or in some way make changes to this subconscious stuff; with varying degrees of minimal success, or complete failure, and thousands of dollars of expense and great deals of time consumed. This is the field of self-help, motivational speakers, great hope . . . yet loads of frustration and failure.

Allow me a moment to introduce you to Results-Based change, a paradigm shift; something PROVEN to be a real ‘game changer.’ I do this by introducing you to a new book: ‘Core Health – The Quantum Way to Inner Power,’ and the processes that are the subject of the QWIP book.

Please, visit to experience this coming revolution of change over the “poor, past programming” that now controls 95% of your living.

Ready for Change?

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Pledge today for a Better Tomorrow

The Layman Experience

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dearest Core Health Enthusiasts,

Are you familiar with the TV show “Myth Busters?”

The hosts tackle all sorts of science and physics folklore, and test to see if they are fact or fiction, true or false. (I suppose blowing things up sells more commercials than simply energy measuring, eh?)

My recent time with Dr. Ed, Mary Ellen Rivera, Funny With Money, Grand Master David, and two structural therapists enlightened me to accept and enjoy the reality that what-I-think-I know, and my old habits, are being rebuilt. Its a process that requires my full awareness.

In my last letter to you I wrote “until I choose to pollute myself again … and no doubt, I will.” Core Health Facilitator, Rick Eldridge pointed out the “confusion remaining and floating around in Matt’s energy. No doubt, he can and will change the habit of “…polluting [himself] again” and KNOW he can recognize and avoid the debris before it can attach to him.”

(Van Morrison sings that Enlightenment is non-attachment.)

Dr. Ed added…

It’s time to release self degradation, defamation.
Your inner pure BEing part is more powerful than your outer Human part.
You are on the path to living FREE . . . Continuously.

What an incredible gift from Rick & Dr. Ed to observe, receive and give. Thank you my friends.

Now back to the Myth Busters. As children we were taught, and as adults we teach, “It is better to give than receive.” Well guess what? In “Are YOU FUNNY With MONEY,” while energy measuring “I am a good receiver”, as expected, I was weak. However, when measuring for “I am a good giver,” I also tested weak. What? No way? YES…WAY!

It makes sense though, doesn’t it? If I am a weak receiver, despite my intentions, I have less to give. Even if I give all I am and have, my give-away-pile is limited because I am living a life of rejecting gifts from others…also depriving them of the joy of giving to me. That’s rather selfish of me.

Once I am a cleared, willing and joyful Receiver, my bounty to give-from becomes endless. Aha! Now that’s a paradigm shift for the ages. So, Myth or Fiction, True or False…“It is better to give than receive.” Myth…False. Both are equally as valuable. One without the other actually weakens the other, doesn’t it? Without first receiving, we have nothing to give.

Today, as we receive our bounty with open and grateful hearts, let’s consider who else can we receive from, what else can we receive? How can we build our pool to give from. Who can we bestow this gift of Core Health understanding with? What ways can we expand our Receiving and Giving?

Thank you for receiving this gift from me. Your acceptance is your gift TO me, and I gratefully accept. AWESOME how the cycle is self powering, isn’t it? American Indians understand “The Circle of Power.”

We have less than two weeks to wrap up the Indigogo fund raiser to print Dr. Ed’s book “Core Health QUANTUM WAY to INNER POWER”. Being a non-profit organization, this fund raiser is critical to expanding our reach.

Will you Receive this opportunity to accept participation? Will you keep the cycle strong by Giving and Sharing with others so mightily in need of what you have been blessed with?

Click or Cut and Paste this link for details and to View Video:

All my best, and all your best,

Matt Layman
Heart Forgiveness Facilitator in Training


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