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Executive Summary

Core Health: Potent health-expansion of inner power by Energy Education

Core Health is an easy and enjoyable way to reconnect to our energy system’s pure core of health. Based on an energy-focused understanding, Core Health is congruent with ancient Chinese Cosmology, modern Quantum Physics and all energy modalities. This process clears away clouds of confusion to expand our pure energy into all aspects of life to live forever joyfully, lovingly, in optimum health. Core Health revolutionizes our whole health and the way we live in the world.

Core Health: The Quantum Way to Inner Power book is the authoritative description of the potent health-expansion process. It describes emerging discoveries in science and cell biology, outlines the life journey of founder Dr. Ed Carlson, and presents the integrated system and results in admirable clarity. Specific examples of powerful individual life shifts demonstrate effective results. This book concludes with the potential impact of Core Health on the future of humanity.

Core Health, the process, opens our awareness to the potential of our own inner power and its easy and joyful activation. A doorway to a new you, this is a must for everyone reaching toward full realization of Self!       



Table of Contents


Chapter 6

Book Cover


Table of Contents

1. A Quantum Revolution 
2. The Energy Universe 
3. Life, Health, and Disease 
4. Dr. Ed
5. The Quest 
6. Discoveries and Processes 
7. Systematic Clearing 
8. Living Free 
Appendix: Health Expansions 
Web Resources 



Core Health™ is an easy and enjoyable way to reconnect to our energy system’s pure core of health. By clearing away clouds of confusion, we can expand this into all aspects of life to live forever joyfully, lovingly, and in optimum health. An inborn core of pure health exists within each one of us: You and I are not broken and we do not need to be fixed—nor does the world. However, over the years, our core gets covered over by layers of conditioning and distortion from negativities in life. These layers are expressed into the body, mind, feelings, and into the world, leading to stress, dis-ease, and all sorts of difficulties.

Despite these clouds of confusion, however, each one of us naturally connects to our pure core of health, most vividly in a Perfect Moment. This is a time when we directly experience the essence of pure life energy and truly belong to ourselves and in this world. We easily remember such a time from childhood, and even now as adults we have many Perfect Moments. The Core Health process begins by actively connecting to our Perfect Moment, then proceeds to eliminate old negative decisions, baggage, and obstacles from our energy system, thereby releasing many signs and symptoms of dis-ease and obstacles to greatness. The process further expands our inner power outward from our core, ensuring its expression through ever increasing well-being, joy, and love into the body, mind, emotions, and into the world.

Inborn and natural, the clarity of our inner power easily becomes a natural expression of our self flowing into positive, powerful, healthy, and creative ways of living. These ways are entirely unique to each individual—as unique as their DNA, their fingerprints, and their bite. They
manifest as our journey through life, offering vast opportunities to expand our learning, experiences, and wisdom, to connect with others, and to make the world a better place. Since we are energetically connected to all life and to the greater universe, everything that
goes on within and around us affects everything else: whether we radiate tension, stress, and frustration or joy, love, and enthusiasm makes a huge difference in the sum-total of planetary and galactic being. Every single individual, as he or she connects to the pure core within and begins to radiate with true in-power, creates well-being for the world at large.

Core Health is a non-cultural, non-religious expansion of our inborn core of health—what is right in us! Advancing from studying disease to understanding true health, this innovative process moves beyond the stepping stones of symptom-based approaches of biomedicine and the
tapping techniques of energy medicine, to each individual being truly free by new internal “energy decisions.” Through the Core Health process, we leap to the core of our inner power and with ease remove energy distortions to allow the free flow of positive energy. Core Health represents a new dimension in understanding the fullness of health and richness within each unique person.

Its basic concept is to work from the inside out (in-power) rather than, as commonly practiced in both traditional and alternative forms of healing, from the outside in (em-power). Nobody else has to do this for us or to us; rather, we gain complete mastery over our energy system for ourselves. There is nothing inherently bad or imperfect about each one of us. We are all part of the greater universe, whose default setting is positive: the universe always says “yes,” whether we say “I can” or whether we say “I can’t.” We can now make the active choice to say “I can” and leap into the ocean of health.

Core Health is not a theory or an abstract teaching. It is a solid process, a way of doing with personal results. Telling is not teaching; learning is not being; information does not equal transformation; using the internet does not make us competent in navigating our energy ginnernet.h
Core Health provides practical and effective clearing processes with applied learning, facilitates transformation, and opens our energy Through its systematic processes we clear our energy and systematically build a solid self and positive relationship dynamics. The process is effective and has obvious, measurable results. It is painless and enjoyable, and each session creates permanent and lasting results: gfun, free, fast, and forever.h Graduating from the process, we live as our True Self from the essence of our being, radiating perfection and harmony through the universe, in love with life and living with joy.

In many ways, the process is like the story of The Secret Garden (Burnett 1962). Maryfs parents were killed by cholera. Coming to live with her uncle, she discovers a walled garden that is overgrown and off.limits. A robin leads Mary to its hidden key: she clears away the brambles and plants spring flowers. As crocuses and daffodils push up through the warming earth, her body begins to blossom and her manner softens. By fall, Mary is harvesting the fruits of her and happiness. Just as Mary had been physically and spiritually malnourished, and the beautiful flowers in her garden could not blossom forth for all the brush and brambles overgrowing them, so we are starving in our bodies and souls and suffocate from the burdens we have put on our energy system. Just as she systematically clears the overgrowth, plants flowers, and harvests fruit, so we can, with the help of Core Health, free ourselves from our burdens and allow our True Self to manifest in the best of health and great joy in the world.

This Book
This book provides a comprehensive survey of what Core Health is, how it came about, what it does, and how it works. It begins in Chapter 1, “A Quantum Revolution,” by placing Core Health into the ongoing transformation of our approaches to health. This leads first from biomedicine as based on Aristotelian metaphysics, the Cartesian split, Newtonian physics, and Positivist thinking to complementary and alternative systems. Also called energy medicine, they integrate subtler approaches based on Asian medicine systems such as acupuncture and Ayurveda. Beyond this the ongoing paradigm shift has moved into energy psychology, which largely works with tapping on the energy system while integrating the mind-body connection. All these approaches are still dis-ease centered, work from the outside in, and require someone else to do things to you. Core Health moves beyond them, integrating the worldview of quantum physics and creating true power for the individual.

Chapter 2, “The Energy Universe,” outlines the quantum world-view and describes the cosmology of traditional China, which is at the root of acupuncture and thus contributed much to the development of alternative medicine in Western culture. Both systems are energy based and testify to universal aliveness. Every existing entity consists of vibrating energy and is inherently alive, including not only humans and animals, but also plants, minerals, man-made objects, and the planet as a whole. Inherent in the energetic structure of life, moreover, are certain key archetypes, most importantly masculine and feminine, yang and yin that pattern our perception and experience.

How all this applies directly to the human body and mind is the focus of Chapter 3, “Life, Health, and Disease.” Cell biology has shown that the true root of health or disease lies not in the gene code or the cell itself but in what causes cells to react in a positive (growth) or negative (protection) way. The root cause is our attitude, the conscious and subconscious reactions we have to the world around us, imprinted in our energy system as energy patterns we develop over time. Typically these patterns include unhealthy dimensions, creating wounds and a sense of being a victim, so that our identity gradually becomes quite different from our original pure core. Core Health clears the debris and obstructions from the energy system, allowing our True Self to shine forth.

How then, did this system come about? Who is the man at its center? Chapter 4, “Dr. Ed,” answers these questions as Edwin Carlson himself describes the path his life took: from early schooling through college, dental school, the military, and extended travels around the world. He continued to ask questions, explore the great wisdom traditions, and pursue the best possible way to live. As a dentist, moreover, he realized that “cavities and gum disease are optional diseases,” leading him to the conviction that anything less than healthy well-being is an “optional dis-ease.”

Beginning in his forties, he became serious about finding a way to ensure healthy well-being at all times. As described in Chapter 5, “The Quest,” he retired from active dentistry in 1991, at age 50, and devoted himself full-time to finding an easy and enjoyable way to unclutter our lives and energies and live fully through our inner power. He took workshops in journaling and creativity, undertook multiple silent retreats, and started a local meditation group. Gradually the four-session sequence of Heart Forgiveness emerged, followed by Core Health and other series as practical ways for individuals to effectively reclaim their inherent goodness and expand this into their daily living.
In the course of this unfolding, Dr. Ed and his colleagues made a number of important discoveries of how our energy functions and how best to work with it.

Chapter 6, “Discoveries and Processes,” describes these in some detail. Perfect Moment, the time when we are fully connected to universal life energy, then Flame Spirit; next the visible manifestation of the Will to Live in our eyes, and continuing to Locus of Control, the importance of making decisions from the inside out rather than looking to other people or circumstances in one’s life. Other amazing features include Pane of Glass, which prevents us from receiving the love and appreciation that others offer, and Rearview Mirror, which keeps us constantly looking over our shoulder for one or the other authority figures.

Integrating all these and more newly discovered energy phenomena, Core Health systematically clears and enhances our energy in several guided series of comprehensive processing combined with “home-play” and follow-ups. Chapter 7, “Systematic Clearing,” describes each of these series, beginning with Heart Forgiveness, then moves on to outline a number of specialty applications, such as Core Creativity and Healthy Weight. It also discusses ongoing demonstration projects, and ways in which the process is currently expanding.

The final chapter of the book, “Living Free,” focuses on how to integrate Core Health into daily life and what it feels like to live in full health—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Moving outward in expanding circles, the activation of quantum reality in everyday life has an increasing impact on the world. Seeing self and others, nature and culture as one interconnected whole, new perspectives and lifestyles arise that impact all different aspects of society—ecology, economy, politics, education, and more—and raise human endeavors to a new level of historical unfolding and cosmic evolution.

At the very end, last but certainly not least, there is an Appendix, containing personal life shifting experiences of “Health Expansions” experienced by ordinary people coming from many different backgrounds and with all sorts of conditions. The section divides into two parts, “Higher Perfection” and “Restoring Health,” showing how Core Health increases well-being and professional success in music, sports, business, and relationships and expands health even in people with life-threatening, terminal, and debilitating diseases. Enhancing their Will to Live and connecting to their pure core within, all these people have reached new heights of well-being, joy, and success in their lives—and so can you!


Chapter 6

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Core Health – Quantum Way To Inner Power Book Cover

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