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QWIP – The Quantum Way To Inner Power

QWIP is a project to bring Revelation to the world about limitations caused by disempowering beliefs. But more importantly, to bring the “How to”  for busting these beliefs to set humankind free.

We have launched the funding project on IndieGoGo to fund the opening stages of our ‘Core Health – The Quantum Way To Inner Power’ Book. Visit the Project Now Here is a link to IndieGoGo’s Contribution Guide

For those who have experienced the Core Health processes, Core Health Series 1 & 2, Heart Forgiveness and/or Are You Funny With Money, this is your opportunity to further the reach of these processes.

For those Holistic Health Providers, Spiritual Authors, Life Coaches, Personal Development Coaches, Reiki Practitioners, Quantum Touch Practitioners, EFT Practitioners, Law of Attraction Practitioners, etal., this is an opportunity to find out how these processes could maximize what you are doing.

Humanity is awakening to higher potential.

We are connecting at deeper levels.

QWIP is an advanced tool to aide these processes.

Here is biographical information about the authors:

Dr. Ed Carlson

Dr. Ed Carlson is a researcher of Human Energy and Kinesiology for 30 years and the innovator of Core Health. His developments are rooted in personal association and other pioneers in energy sciences. He is the author of seven books on Energy and Health.

Dr. Carlson graduated summa cum laude from Emory University and participated eight years in preventive medicine research with the Southern Academy of Clinical Nutrition.

As a Captain in the U.S. Air Force, he traveled widely in Turkey, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Japan – immersing himself in the wisdom and sacred texts of each culture. Dr. Ed holds multiple black belts in Tae Kwon Do, is the father of six children, and enjoys eight grandchildren.

Dr. Livia Kohn

Dr. Livia Kohn, a China scholar and Daoism specialist by profession, Dr. Kohn is Professor Emerita at Boston University and author/editor of 30 books. She lived and studied in Japan for 10 years.

Dr. Kohn has explored spiritual and self-help practices for over 30 years: tai chi, qigong, insight meditation and more. She is a Kripalu certified yoga teacher, qigong instructor, trained hypnotist, Level 1 Reiki practitioner and spaceholder for spiritual free-style dancing. “I am honored to be a graduate Core Health Facilitator.”

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